Lowest B2B Pricing and Wide Variety

With travel content sourced from more than 300,000 suppliers in over 185 countries, we make sure you have access to the widest variety of accommodation and destination services to market and distribute competitive travel experiences. Our online travel content includes hotels, apartments, customer feedback, ratings, and travel related information.


Customer Service

Our team help clients resolve any problems or queries they may have with customer bookings. We understand that service and responding quickly and effectively to clients can make the difference between winning a booking or retaining business in the long term. We pride ourselves on constantly striving to improve our service in order to deliver a great customer experience.


Our Operations

  • Professional, friendly and experienced teams
  • Multiple languages spoken
  • Convenient hours
  • Minimal call waiting time - 80% of our calls answered within 20 seconds
  • Knowledgeable on the latest and best marketing deals
  • Monthly call monitoring and evaluation focusing on the call outcome and quality of the customer experience
  • Regular call handling and customer service training and development for our agents
  • Recruitment based on customer service skills, the ability to listen and to provide resolution



Wholesale Booking Site

Our booking site (RBS) is an easy to use online booking tool for travel agencies that provides access to a world of leisure travel content, all from a single website.

No other company provides the variety and quantity of travel related content available within our booking site.

With product sourced from more than 300,000 partners in over 185 countries, we connect you to more ways to create profitable travel experiences.



Our XML solution is extremely flexible, platform-free and license-free and allows you to define the information you want displayed in the format you want it presented in, making it easy to merge data from multiple suppliers and distribute travel content and information your way.There is no cost to access our content, so with real time availability for products sourced from over 300,000 suppliers in over 185 countries, we’ll help ensure you have the world covered.