Olivier Dheur
Published in News
2 min readFeb 22, 2024

Dive into Nuitée's Journey to Extraordinary Growth! (Part 1)

In the midst of the Covid pandemic, Nuitée made a strategic decision to revamp its structure, evolving from a single-product focus to a multi-product technology infrastructure powerhouse! 🚀 This shift not only enabled us to develop multiple products simultaneously—such as Cupid, LiteAPI, and The Hotel Planet—following our meticulously crafted Product Building Framework, but it also eliminated bottlenecks in our engineering and development pipelines, uncovering new revenue streams for our business.

Undoubtedly, these transformations required significant investments in human capital, along with a robust growth strategy to sustain this metamorphosis until today. To achieve this, we defined our North Star metric: a guiding beacon that every Nuitée member knows and tracks diligently from day one, committing to it wholeheartedly to be part of our story.

At Nuitée, each product operates as a mini-startup, equipped with dedicated resources and teams—comprising a Product Owner, Technical Owner, Board of Experts—guided by the visionary leadership of our CEO Med Benmansour, and supported by cross-functional departments including HR, Finance, Operations, and Marketing.

🔍 Embracing a matrix structure has been pivotal in fostering cross-functional collaboration and innovation. By dismantling silos and fostering diverse perspectives, we've expedited decision-making and empowered teams to confront intricate challenges with agility and creativity.