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Start-ups, Developers

Supercharge your apps with LiteAPI

  • Effortlessly integrate a low-code travel product.
  • Instant access to a worldwide list of properties.
  • Accelerate growth with competitive rates and real-time availability.
  • Engineered for developers with top-notch support and documentation.
  • Scale seamlessly, regardless of your platform's size or complexity.
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Travel Businesses

OTAs, Airlines, Aggregators

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Enhance your travel website's hotel offerings with Core API

  • Integrate a comprehensive travel solution tailored to your needs.
  • Access millions of properties worldwide, covering all types.
  • Take advantage of competitive rate plans on a global scale.
  • Get hands-on support throughout the integration process.
  • Enhance and expand your platform for sustainable growth.

Increase airlines’ ancillary revenue with our White Label solution

  • Launch a branded booking site effortlessly.
  • Benefit from a seamless no-code integration.
  • Embed to any platform, website, or extranet with ease.
  • Expand flight bookings to include hotels and boost revenues.
  • Elevate guest experiences.
  • Achieve upsells.
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GDS Providers

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Enhance GDS capabilities with LiteAPI

  • Offer attractive net rates for agencies.
  • Facilitate flight and room bookings bookings on GDS.
  • Monitor real-time sales via dashboards.
  • Connect to a wider network of suppliers.
  • Gain a definitive competitive edge.
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Media Influencers

Monetize your social media reach with LiteAPI

  • Transition into the lucrative hotel sector.
  • Share links for revenue generation.
  • Convert channels into travel profit hubs.
  • Dive effortlessly into the travel domain.
  • Become a trusted resource for followers.
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Lodging Partners


Independent Hotels

B&B, Boutiques

Maximize your independent hotel’s potential with Hotel Planet

  • Use tools tailored for unique hotel needs.
  • Combine PMS , CRS , and Channel Managers.
  • Analyze performance.
  • Launch loyalty programs.
  • List on major platforms.
  • Boost revPAR & ADR with AI-driven content.
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Independent Hotels nuitee

Let your independent hotel excel in the digital era with LiteAPI

  • Gain exposure to new distribution channels.
  • Integrate with growing marketplaces.
  • Oversee sales and partnerships with dashboards.
  • Foster and reward customer loyalty.
  • Maintain rate integrity
  • Expand partnerships.

Hotel Chains

Franchises, Chains

Optimize your hotel chain’s efficiency with Hotel Planet

  • Connect with CRS , PMS , and Channels.
  • Achieve seamless, unified operation process.
  • Access insights into direct competition.
  • Foster guest loyalty with our booking engine.
  • Expand market presence.
  • Make data-driven choices.
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Hotel Chains nuitee

Maintain your dominance in the digital age with LiteAPI

  • Access emerging markets for growth.
  • Unlock fresh revenue revenue streams effortlessly.
  • Manage sales and partnerships.
  • Monitor rate integrity and customer insights.
  • Innovate and maintain industry leadership.