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For Businesses

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Travel App Builder

Build travel apps quickly and boost your revenue stream

  • Gain access to a worldwide network of properties.
  • Monetize your audience with one-click links.
  • Effortless integrations using low or no-code toolkits.
  • Access valuable user insights via an intuitive dashboard.
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Core API

Global Hotel Gateway

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Access a developer-friendly gateway to global hotels

  • Connect to a worldwide network of independent hotels and hotel chains.
  • Enterprise-grade connectivity with lightning-fast response times.
  • Effortless scaling without errors or timeouts, regardless of traffic.
  • 24/7 secure and comprehensive customer support.
  • Access powerful analytics that boost your revenue.

White Label

No CODE Solution

Seamlessly build a ready-to-go booking site

  • Customize with your brand colors and logo.
  • No tech skills or travel expertise needed.
  • User-friendly solution driving higher conversions.
  • Earn a share from every booking.
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For Lodging Partners


Hotel Planet

revenue platform For Hotels

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All-in-one platform for hotel revenue management and direct distribution

  • Connectivity for PMS, CRS, and Channel Managers - All in one place
  • Boost your RevPAR with competitive insights and actionable data.
  • Increase direct bookings with the integrated booking engine.
  • Enhance guest retention through unified experiences and loyalty programs.
  • Expand your reach and discover new revenue opportunities.

Hub API Connector

Connectivity switch for hotels and suppliers

Enable Effortless Distribution and Streamline your Workflow

  • Connect to wholesalers & travel organizers.
  • Discover sales opportunities with insights.
  • Optimize with enhanced data access.
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Mapping Management

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Mapping Done Right with Full Control and Automation

  • Accurate and error-free hotel mapping using Machine Learning.
  • Automate mapping workflows with direct hub connections.
  • Track partner mapping using the affiliate feature.
  • Adaptable room mapping APIs tailored to your unique business needs.
  • Access to clean, high-quality, and well-maintained property content.
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Powerful dashboard to sell more

Increase Efficiency with Real-time Data for your Business

  • Gain competitive edge as a hotel distributor.
  • Compare with peers in the same destination.
  • Uncover insights about your competition.
  • Analyze lead times, stays, and bookings.
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