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6 min readJun 1, 2023

June 2023 Spotlight

In the spotlight this June is our freshly-minted, developer-centric Lite API, crafted to revolutionize travel tech by streamlining the creation of travel apps with an unmatched ease of integration. Further enhancing our portfolio, we've forged some thrilling direct hotel connections to our Core API. And that's not all - our team has expanded with talented new faces that are driving us forward. As we delve into key industry developments and their implications for the travel sector, there's plenty to explore.

New Products & Feature Releases

Introducing Lite API

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Lite API, our newest product release, meticulously crafted by our team of dedicated developers. This innovative solution is a response to a long-standing challenge in the accommodations booking sector, where creating or integrating bookings into apps has traditionally been a convoluted, uphill task.

The antiquated days of lengthy negotiations, payment processing obstacles, and laborious API development are a thing of the past. With an eye on the generational shift in online booking behaviors and the rise of super apps, we recognized an untapped opportunity to streamline this process for neobanks, loyalty programs, social networks, and other platforms looking to introduce a new revenue stream.

Lite API is an end-to-end solution designed with developers in mind. With a straightforward sign-up process, seamless payment processing, developer-focused SDKs, webhooks, Postman collections, and a sandbox environment for testing, it's an all-encompassing platform that's simple to use.

In addition, it offers robust analytics dashboards and API logs to monitor performance and optimize results.

Lite API comes with immediate access to our expansive portfolio of over 2 million hotels globally, already connected to our Core API. You can even negotiate your own partnerships directly with hotels using the Lite API.

We are genuinely excited about this launch as we believe Lite API is set to capture the spirit of the times and transform the travel industry in the same vein as Stripe revolutionized payment processing and Twilio reinvented messaging. Embark on this new journey with us and experience the future of travel technology firsthand.

Cupid releases version 3.1

Introducing version 3.1 of Cupid, our pioneering hotel mapping management platform.

The latest update brings enhanced coverage and now displays data quality scores, unmapped reasons, and property ranks right in your Opportunities and Inventory dashboards. With Cupid, intelligent mapping just got smarter.

Success Stories

New direct hotel connections

We're excited to share some wonderful success stories of new direct hotel connections with Nuitée’s Core API. These direct connections not only pave the way for increased revenue by unlocking new audience segments, but they also offer deeper insights and transparency into the transaction process. Our recently introduced Lite API plays a significant role here, enabling access to emerging audience groups that are gravitating towards super apps and loyalty programs.

Our new additions last month include:

They’re joining other iconic brand names like Hilton, Accor, Best Western and thousands of independent chains who have already joined our direct-connect portfolio.

New RateGain partnership

We're excited to announce our partnership with RateGain, a move that enhances our global hotel contracting strategy. Leveraging RateGain's channel manager, this collaboration simplifies and accelerates contracting, boosting the potential of hotel businesses. This partnership is an important step in our ongoing effort to foster stronger industry relationships and streamline our services.

Industry News

Post-Pandemic Travel Trends in APAC

Arival's research points to travel trends in the APAC region with implications for the hotel and travel tech sectors.

  • The uneven regional recovery requires targeted marketing strategies in accommodations.

  • The revival of regional and long-haul travel, along with the uncertain resumption of China's outbound travel, highlights the need for flexible pricing and capacity management.

  • The rise in mobile bookings and online marketplaces by 2025, driven by Gen Z and Millennials' tech-centric habits, presents growth opportunities for innovative travel tech solutions.

  • The increasing demand for small group and independent travel necessitates unique technology solutions for personalized experiences in the hospitality industry.

Global Tourism Bounces Back: Pandemic Recovery Surpasses Pre-Crisis Levels

April 2023 marked a turning point for global tourism, as it rebounded above pre-pandemic levels for the first time, according to the Skift Travel Health Index. Achieving a record-breaking index value of 101, the milestone is indicative of recovery across various regions and sectors of the industry.

  • Latin America emerged as the most resilient region while the Asia Pacific region's recovery was boosted significantly by the resumption of travel in China.

  • The vacation rental sector outpaced hotels in recovery, while the aviation sector is gradually catching up despite challenges.

  • An increased average transaction value for hotel stays, despite not fully recovered travel volumes, has contributed to the industry's rebound.

  • Nevertheless, recovery rates vary among countries, with some still below 2019 levels.

Insights from Contiki's 2023 Travel Report

From Contiki's analysis of 2023 travel trends, it's clear that travelers are yearning for authentic, immersive, and sustainable experiences, facilitated by the growth of remote and hybrid work models, and the increasing digitalization of the travel industry. Below are some highlights from their findings:

  • Bucket list travel: Travelers are planning significant, dream trips as travel restrictions ease, requiring more diverse and inclusive travel experiences.

  • Sustainable travel: Consciousness about carbon footprints has increased demand for greener travel options and sustainable practices among travel companies.

  • Young travelers leading the way: The 18-34 age group is traveling more than older demographics.

  • Longer and multi-country trips: With rising airfares, travelers are favoring longer vacations covering multiple countries, particularly in Europe.

  • Social travel: Group bookings are outpacing solo bookings as travelers seek shared experiences.

  • Budget travel: Inflation is driving travelers towards budget accommodations and advanced planning for better deals.

  • Remote and hybrid work impacts travel: More flexible work arrangements are making it easier for people to travel and work simultaneously.

Employee spotlight

We have some great new additions to the Nuitée team. 🎉

Guido Lloyd has recently assumed the position of Hotel Contracting Director APAC at Nuitée. He will be operating out of Bangkok. Guido's broad and significant background in hospitality makes him an exceptional asset to our team. We are eager to observe the contributions he'll be making to our company's development and prosperity within the region.

Soumaya Firady is our new Key Account Manager - Supply, to the Nuitée team. With her impressive track record of nine years in the tourism sector and a deep-seated love for discovery, Soumaya promises to be an outstanding asset to our family.

Leyla Allahverdiyeva is our new Senior Vice President — Sales. With over 12 years of leadership experience in hospitality and travel tech, including sales, marketing, and transformation, Leyla's expertise is set to pioneer a new era of growth and innovation for us.

Gabriela Rico is our new Business Development Manager, Brazil & LATAM. With 10+ years of experience in the commercial sector, Gaby is a true powerhouse in strategic negotiations and market expansion.

Hany Samir El shamaa is our new Senior Director of Global Chains Supply. A travel industry leader based in Dubai, Hany brings his wide experience in hotel and chain contracting and distribution. His expertise in digitalizing travel businesses will be instrumental for us.