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2 min readJun 18, 2023

LiteAPI Launches: Simplified Travel Market Access

In 2017, we set out on a journey with a vision - to transform the travel technology sector and make it more accessible to businesses and developers. Today, that vision comes to fruition with the launch of our groundbreaking solution - LiteAPI. This game-changing solution, Lite API, is poised to redefine the landscape for fintech, loyalty applications, and super apps by offering them a direct gateway to the immense opportunities within the travel market. We are exhilarated to share this breakthrough with you.

Why is this significant? For years, businesses with aspirations to tap into the travel market have faced complex barriers. The travel industry is dense, intricate, and often unwieldy. Until now, exploring this sector required substantial industry knowledge and resources. But with LiteAPI, we are simplifying the journey.

LiteAPI Sales Dashboard Overview

Our mission with LiteAPI is clear: break down the barriers and simplify access to the travel market. By creating a developer-centric environment, we're streamlining the process of travel integration. This mirrors the disruption that has occurred in the online payments industry, where solutions like Stripe have revolutionized the landscape by making online payments accessible to all. LiteAPI follows in these footsteps, enabling businesses to establish travel verticals, compete directly with Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), and fully monetize their audience - without needing in-depth knowledge of the travel sector.

So, why should our customers and industry peers care? It's simple. LiteAPI isn’t just about access; it’s about empowerment. This tool doesn’t merely open the door to the travel market; it helps businesses navigate the space with confidence.

LiteAPI Developer Tools Dashboard

LiteAPI is designed with the developer at the forefront. It streamlines the integration process and provides an intuitive and familiar environment for developers to operate in. It also comes with a comprehensive, embedded credit card payment processing system and advanced fraud detection capabilities. It provides immediate access to a network of 2 million properties around the globe, eliminating the daunting task of negotiating contracts with suppliers and hotels.

The benefits of LiteAPI go beyond the financial implications. It's about leveling the playing field and encouraging innovation. When we remove barriers and democratize access, we open the door to new ideas and novel solutions. We are excited to see what our clients will build with this newfound freedom and how they will use LiteAPI to redefine their customer experience.

Today, as we launch LiteAPI, we invite our customers, prospective clients, and industry peers to explore this transformative solution. This is not just a product launch; it's a significant stride towards our goal of creating a more accessible and user-oriented travel technology sector.

The future of travel tech is here, and it's more inclusive, accessible, and dynamic than ever before. We welcome you to join us on this journey.

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