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2 min readOct 30, 2023

Meet the new!

Just yesterday, we launched our newly designed website – a portal to the cutting-edge of travel technology infrastructure. Step into, where simplicity meets next-gen innovation.

✨ What's New?

We're reshaping the landscape as more than just an API provider; we're your all-encompassing suite of products addressing the vast needs of the travel industry. Whether for hotels, chains, super apps, or the forward-thinking entrepreneur, our solutions are engineered to empower your growth.

🌐 Tailored Solutions for Every Travel Sector:

➜ Travel Websites: Enhanced travel website offerings with access to millions of hotels and competitive global rates with Core API.

➜ Entrepreneurs & Developers: Comprehensive developer toolkits for frictionless access to global hotel inventory and a new revenue stream with LiteAPI.

➜ Hoteliers: Multi-platform management, booking engine, AI content creation, and loyalty program generation with Hotel Planet.

➜ OTAs & Metasearch Engines: AI-driven, ultra-fast and accurate hotel & room mapping; end-to-end automation; and partner mapping oversight with Cupid.

➜ Hotels: Connect directly with our API for streamlined, cost-effective bookings.

🔗 Reach out to us and discover how our solutions can support your next quantum leap in the travel industry.