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3 min readJun 11, 2024

New Horizons for Hotels: Nuitée's Direct Contracting Revolution in APAC

Nuitée's direct contracting enables hotels to bypass traditional distribution channels and engage directly with various B2B clients. By leveraging our integrated liteAPI solution, hotels can connect with non-travel partners like fintech, smart car solutions, social media, and super apps. This strategy amplifies distribution and equips hotels with advanced technology and data insights, crucial for better decision-making in the rapidly growing APAC region.

Unlocking Direct Contracting: Nuitée's Strategic Advantage for Hotels

Our direct contracting solution boosts profitability and reduces operational costs through:

  • Improved occupancy via direct access to an extensive network, including third-party providers.

  • Enhanced net profits by minimizing intermediary costs.

  • Greater rate control for consistency across platforms.

  • Access to non-travel partners, driving incremental business.

  • Advanced data insights for better decision-making.

Nuitée's Technological Edge: Empowering Direct Contracting and Distribution

Our travel tech stack, including Core API and liteAPI, enables direct contracting and expands distribution channels.

  • Core API offers real-time access to a network of over 2 million properties globally. It facilitates partnerships by packaging rates with various products like Room ‘n’ Ride and eSimply.

  • liteAPI is developer-friendly, ensuring fast integration with existing systems. It leverages Core API's global network of hotels to enhance customer engagement and drive revenue growth through new partnerships with non-travel audiences such as smart car solutions, fintech, super apps, and social media.

The Chatrium Hotel, Bangkok: A Benchmark of Success in APAC

The transformation of the Chatrium Hotel in Bangkok highlights Nuitée's effectiveness. Initially not a focal point, Chatrium quickly rose to prominence, outperforming neighboring hotels. This success, driven by Nuitée's direct supply capabilities, boosted bookings directly and through third-party partners, making Chatrium one of our top 100 sold hotels this year.

Solutions for a Diverse Market

Our commitment to APAC addresses the region's unique challenges and opportunities. With adaptable solutions like liteAPI for rapid integration and new revenue channels, Nuitée’s personalized service, supported by local representatives, meets each hotel's specific needs, fostering strong partnerships with regional insight and expertise.

Nuitée’s Market Growth and Potential in APAC

Our engagement in the APAC region is underscored by impressive growth, with an 891% increase in TTV confirmed bookings for 2022/2023 and a 794% increase year-to-date for 2023/2024. These statistics highlight Nuitée's growing influence and the region's receptiveness to innovative direct contracting and distribution solutions.

Leveraging APAC's Growth Potential

With APAC's massive tourism growth driven by economic development, increasing travel, and mobile digital adoption, Nuitée is at the forefront with products like liteAPI. This technology taps into emerging customer bases both in APAC and globally, expanding distribution and revenue opportunities for hotels.

Partnering with Nuitée

Our streamlined process ensures hotels can quickly capitalize on Nuitée's benefits.

Step-by-Step Guide to Direct Contracting with Nuitée

  1. Initial Consultation: Discuss hotel needs and goals to tailor the direct contracting approach.

  2. Technology Integration: Seamless onboarding with technical support for swift global access.

  3. Onboarding and Setup: Quickly set up hotel profiles, rates, and availability on Nuitée's platform.

  4. Optimization and Training: Comprehensive training to manage rates, availability, and promotions.

  5. Continuous Support and Analytics: Ongoing support and access to analytics to refine distribution strategies.

After partnering with Nuitée, directly contracted hotels benefit from increased visibility across travel and non-travel channels, greater control over pricing and inventory, data-driven insights for informed decision-making, and swift channel adjustments.

Future Innovations and Expansions

Beyond our commitment to the region through our local representatives, our plans include strategic alliances and integrating ancillary services, creating new distribution channels and additional revenue streams for hotels. As Nuitée continues to innovate, hotels in the region can look forward to new growth opportunities and sustained success.

Ready to enhance your hotel's distribution and boost revenue? Contact us today to connect with a local representative and discover how Nuitée can help you succeed.